What happens to space when it expands?

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What happens to space when it expands?
« on: 13/07/2013 18:30:04 »
Sun Hong Rhie  asked the Naked Scientists:
What happens to the space when it is expanding?

Putting it more concretely, hypothetically I am at an intergalactic space with a magic detector that can detect anything about the small piece of the space I am looking at. What would I see through the magic detector?

These days a rising raisin bread is the popular analog of the expanding universe. It used to be a balloon with dots. Perhaps, someone was bothered by that the dots expands too when the balloon is blown since it is said that the gravitationally bound galaxies do not expand.

Now, we know what is happening to the rising bread when it is expanding. The tiny gas bubbles -- due to the action of yeast or baking soda -- trapped in the glutenous dough expands when heated in the oven making the dough porous and voluminous.

What happens to the space when it is expanding?

thank you,
sun hong rhie

What do you think?
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Re: What happens to space when it expands?
« Reply #1 on: 13/07/2013 19:46:44 »
Good question :)

Seems it just comes into existence, with its possible 'zero point energy' added. And how you get to that is another question, also depending on what definitions you use, as for example 'negative energy' taken from somewhere else to balance that 'new energy'. It's a really strange idea.
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