Which warms up quickest, a cold drink with ice, or one without?

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Cassidy Parker  asked the Naked Scientists:
A quick question to settle a domestic dispute - if you don't mind.

If you pour half a tin of refrigerated cold drink from a tin into a glass with ice, which will lose coldness the quickest over 20 minutes, the drink in the tin or the drink in the glass? And why?

Kind regards and many thanks,

What do you think?
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This depends on many things (initial temperatures of drink, ice, tin, cup and air, as well as amounts/sizes of these things)

Assuming a reasonable scenario: T(air)>T(drink)>T(cup)=T(ice), the one with the ice will stay colder longer [this will be true even if T(air)>T(drink)=T(cup)=T(ice)]. This is because of the latent heat of fusion.

If you have 10 grams of liquid water at 0 C and 10 grams of solid water (ice) at 0 C, the liquid water will begin to warm up while the ice remains at 0 C. The ice will not warm up until it has already melted. All energy that goes into the ice is used to melt it, rather than increasing the temperature.