Hyperspacetime Waves

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Hyperspacetime Waves
« on: 22/10/2015 20:42:01 »
I decided to create a new topic to better explain and a few of my previous theories.

The first part of the theory is a redefinition of velocity. Traditionally, this is v=d/t, where 'v' is velocity, 'd' is distance, and 't' is time. My definition of it is vn-1=d0...n-1/dn, where 'n' is the number of dimensions. Time is a measurement of change for an n-dimensional object across the distance of an n+1-dimensional axis.

The second part of my theory is an explanation for gravity in terms of Newtonian physics. According to the third law of motion, by moving in 4 dimensions, an equal and opposite force is exerted on an object in 4 dimensions. According to the second law of motion, the greater the mass of the object, the greater the amount of force required to accelerate it. Time and gravity are essentially the same force, where gravity represents the first 3 dimensions and time represents the 4th.

The third part of my theory is the suggestion of the existence of hyperspacetime. If time and gravity are the same force, and gravitational waves are not constant, then it stands to reason that there is such thing as time waves and hyperspacetime. I consider gravitational waves and time waves as the same force, which I call spacetime waves.

The fourth part of my theory is an explanation for the formation and behavior of black holes. Waves interact in complex ways. Under very specific conditions, spacetime waves may be able to form whirlpools. The closer you get to event horizon, the closer you are to the eye of the whirlpool, and the more your time becomes compressed. But once you actually pass the event horizon, reaching the eye of the whirlpool, time stops. Everything swallowed by it would collect in this funnel extending into the 'past'; which, considering that time is a measurement of change across distance in hyperspace, should probably be called the "passed". Sorry time travelers, doesn't look like you'll be winning the lottery, killing Hitler, or preventing 9/11 any time in the perceivable future.

The fifth part of my theory is an explanation for how the future affects the past. Throw a baseball at a window. Now throw a pebble at the same window. There you go.
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