know anything about UK PAYE?

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know anything about UK PAYE?
« on: 01/02/2007 19:48:05 »
I just put my salary in to an online salary calculator, and compared it with my pay-slip, and I seem to be paying too little tax for some reason.

The pay is calculated by a proper PAYE company, they have my P45 (or which-ever one that is) and my NI number, and the tax code appears to be correct on the top of the payslip.

also, the year end totals seem to be a bit odd. I can't work out whats going on! anything to do with changing jobs in november? its several months before the end of the tax year, so I can't see how this would affect things too much anyway.

if there are any tax specialists out there I would be extremely grateful for some advice on this, rather than a hefty tax bill at some point in the future!


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know anything about UK PAYE?
« Reply #1 on: 02/02/2007 18:07:44 »
Hi Lindsay,

I wish I could help.

Does your husband have any tax implications for you ?..what about things like tax credits etc .

believe it or not ...the Inland Revenue are actually quite helpful if you ring them.

Hope you find out what's going on.
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