Capacitor Panel

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Capacitor Panel
« on: 06/08/2016 06:31:38 »
Why the energy is not stored in magnetic field?
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Re: Capacitor Panel
« Reply #1 on: 06/08/2016 10:29:27 »
Capacitors store energy in their electric field; inductors store energy in their magnetic field.
(Of course, every practical capacitor has a small amount of inductance, and every practical inductor has a small amount of capacitance...)

So we can provide more information:
- Please express the title as a question (as per site guidelines).
- Also, please provide a bit more information about what the capacitor panel might be used for (eg AC or DC power?), and why a magnetic field might be related?

If you are talking about Power Factor correction capacitors (as in this thread), the leading phase angle of the capacitor cancels out the lagging phase angle of an inductive load, producing unity power factor, and reducing losses in the electricity supply grid.