Theory of origin of life - split from Cell division

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Cell division is a highly organised process in a Universe consisting of too many random thermodynamic processes.
Cell creates itself..
Initally there was a cell which was without Nucleus of
significance.The entire cell was the nucleus. Slowly it started to started to change in the direction more systainable pleasure.
The similar components came together and those with differences found themselves less attended.Those who came together to reinforce similarity expereinced greater pleasure. Cytoplasmic substance(more granular and less coherent) formed its own Group but the relationship with Nucleus continued.
This is how cytoplasm and Nucleus came into existence..
Nucleus stood for the entire cell because it was more coherent and satisfied the fundamental criteria to experince greater pleasure ... similaity or level of unity.

This cell was living happily until the differences surfaced. This cell nucleus slowly started to differntiate within itself. Nucleus slowly started to get divided and it was realised this seperation increased cohenrence within Nucleus ..
This sepearation produced another cell.
Later the cells find themselves moving in the direnction of sexual reproduction.
Becuase the sexual reproduction expresses the idea of speration for greater unity in a more organised way.