OMG!!! - The Nature Podcast

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OMG!!! - The Nature Podcast
« on: 26/09/2007 20:53:58 »

This is my first post. I am so shocked I actually could not resist registering and starting a new thread. I have just downloaded the newest Nature Podcast which normally was directed by Chris. And guess what!!! NOT ANY MORE! They got new people and new podcast is crap :/ It is so much alike other scientific stuff (Cell or Science Podcasts). Two Americans (I guess) have totaly changed the whole idea. WHAT A PITTY! Now I have only one podcast every week I will listen to paying a lot of attention and two others that are just average. What a shame "Nature", what a shame....



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OMG!!! - The Nature Podcast
« Reply #1 on: 27/09/2007 15:26:27 »
We probably shouldn't comment...