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« on: 24/10/2007 20:31:33 »
See this Boy ?


See this girl ?


Notice how freckly they are ?

What ARE freckles ?...What cause them ?..Will the girls freckles fade like the boy's did ?...and why do they become more evident in the sunshine ?

Men are the same as women, just inside out !


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« Reply #1 on: 28/10/2007 06:51:28 »
Hi my dear friendo Neilepus,

you may find plenty of information in several threads of a peculiar forum I serendipitously discovered last year:

amazingly funny people around there!   [;D]


Hi young Sea Hurricane Seany,

this forum has been freckling around
quite a bit in the past if you 'search':

as an arizona native i have thought about why people say that the sun causes freckles.. i was wondering if this is really true, and if it is does it have any purpose? or is it just a reaction our skin has to uv rays (or something else?) is there any evolutionary advantage to this?

becca :)

This is a great question Becca !..I haven't an answer for you though ! [:)]...and would like to extend warm greetings to you.

I have does my daughter...and when I was 7..I unfortunately became terribly sun burnt on both my arms......upon healing I was left with very freckly arms !..not the whole arm...just the top bit from the elbow to the wrist..

..........When the sun is very strong I do find that the freckles seem more prominent.

Lets hope a passing freckle sun expert passes by and answers.


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I'am passing by but I am not your expert.
I offer my simple opinion (I like simplicity).
Freckles seem to be common in white skinned people (red hair, blonde)that never get a proper suntan but tend to 'burn'. Most of the melanin available is in the freckle themselves, so freckles get a tan...and the rest burns.
By gradual and prolonged exposure to UV rays some people get a nice protecting suntan and much more tanned freckles.
I knew it like this.

do you want an expert opinion? Here is one out of...thousands!