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« on: 15/04/2003 15:34:19 »
Dear All

I am currently researching the world of smell and would love to know of any books or websites that breakdown & describe what exactly we smell. For example a car exhaust contains carbon dioxide but also many other chemicals and gases. What do we smell on a flower as well as pollen or how many separate smells are there in a beefburger other than meat and fat. I would be interested to know how many separate odours there are in one subject.[8D]



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Re: Smells
« Reply #1 on: 15/04/2003 22:24:12 »
Dear Bobby

great question. A good place to start would be by reading Peter Brennan's articles :

and listen to his interview about smell on the naked scientists radio show:

If that leaves a few stones unturned and you want some more info, come back to us.