Can you track the movement of Greenlands Glaciers with small transmitters?

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OK I was watching the T.V last night and they are looking for ways to see if the water is lubricating the glacier and helping it to move quicker.

Would it not be possible to place small transmitters into each of the water drains that are all over it and follow there path? You may have had to have seen the show to know what I'm talking about, there not called drains, Sink holes? Something like that.

If you put a small transmitter in each one(sink hole thingy) and followed the waters path, surely that would tell us?
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It has been done with the type of dye used by pilots who have had to ditch at sea. This dye is put in at the top of the glacier and flows to the water at the terminal moraine, the deposits and water flow at the end of a glacier.

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