The Agony Of Growing !!...what's it all about ?

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The Agony Of Growing !!...what's it all about ?
« on: 17/12/2007 23:35:41 »
Dear Peeps With Experience of growing !!

See my experiment here ?

It's a class act !!


I'm growing panes !!

Now, what's all this fuss about it being painful ?......I'm not in any discomfort at all !!...

*advisor approaches sheepy*...."sorry ?...what's that ?"....*whispering mumbling in sheepys ear*  ..OH !!.....Not THAT kind of growing panes !!...DOH !!

I've just been told by my Executive in Charge of Administering my medication and Punctuation Cognitive Doctor that I should be referring to Growing Pains !!! growing pains exist or are they a myth ?..I never had them....did ewe ?

What are they and why do they happen ?
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The Agony Of Growing !!...what's it all about ?
« Reply #1 on: 18/12/2007 03:26:37 »
I have never had them but was told with my kids that it occurs when a child's body takes a rapid growth spurt and they actually grow faster and suddenly. My kids would stay the same forever then boom 3 or four inches over a very short time which left them hurting because of the rapid stretching out of tissue and muscle.. I know I m not remembering that exactly right but I was told similar to that.

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