Fermented Vegetables

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Fermented Vegetables
« on: 30/07/2004 17:49:59 »
I want to use whey to ferment vegetables.  Where do I get the Whey?  Can I get it when I make Keifer.  I have just ordered Keifer Starter.  So I am new to both of these processes.  Help please.


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Re: Fermented Vegetables
« Reply #1 on: 02/08/2004 20:10:08 »
Ummm! fermented veg! What type of whey do you need? You can get whey from a large variety of things including egg, cream and beans. You get whey and curd after grinding yellow beans to make tofu (you filter off the whey proteins to leave you with the curd which will set into tofu after you add plaster of paris or another coagulant). How do you use the whey? Do you ferment the vegetables or the whey and which do you eat?

I take it you are German right? In China we just pickle the veg and then let it ferment.

Fermented bamboo shoot rules!

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