Is There a place without Seasons ?

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Is There a place without Seasons ?
« on: 28/12/2007 16:02:46 »
Hi ya,

I'm Neil. Nice to meet you.

I was wondering (like you do)...if there is a location on the Earth where the seasons (from a meteorological perspective) have little change at all.

So, is there a place on earth where the weather is pretty consistent all the year round ?....this includes temperature change as well !

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Re: Is There a place without Seasons ?
« Reply #1 on: 28/12/2007 16:22:53 »
Yes, and there are a few places where the temperature remains pretty much constant all year round, they include:

Northern Australia
the phillipines
costa rica
and the indian subcontinent

ofcourse, some places or people can have four seasons in one day!



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Re: Is There a place without Seasons ?
« Reply #2 on: 28/12/2007 16:34:12 »
Rather doubt you can say anything about the Indian subcontinent - it is a big place, with local environments ranging from high mountain terrain, dessert, and rainforest.

Certainly, the tropics will have less variation in temperature, but most places do have a rainy season (although maybe there are some tropical islands that simply lack a dry season).