Water These Plants ?...Ok...but with warm or cold ?..does it matter ?

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Dear Watering-Of-House-Plantologosts,

See these house plants,

nice eh ?

Look carefully...can ewe detect the odd one out ?..It's tricky I know !!

[attachment=1977]  [attachment=1978]

[attachment=1979]  [attachment=1980]

[attachment=1981]  [attachment=1983]


Does it matter at all whether planty receives cold water from the tap or tepid water ?...what about hot water ?.... what is best and why ?

You see...the reason I am asking..is because I want to know !!

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LOL cute!!!

I would think too cold or too hot would shock the plants roots and hurt it and tepid or tap water, room temp or so would be "just right" so says, Baby Bear!..Lol.. That would be an uneducated guess!
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Don't give your plants as Karen says water that's too cold or too hot but tepid
water also not straight from your tap either.

As there might be too much lime in your tap water, depending on where you live
and how hard your water is.

Also only water any houseplant once a week in the winter and don't leave them
beside your cold windows or above the radiators as they won't like the cold or
the dry heat either.
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