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Free science teaching related software sites
« on: 28/01/2008 01:32:35 »
Hi Guys,
        Love the Podcasts, site, everything, well done.  I'm a science teacher and use you guys extensively as a reference and for ideas for teaching, so you're a great help.

I was thinking, on the forum could we have category for teachers to share resources like sites for good freeware (science related), good you tube explanations for difficult concepts, web sites and so on. With science teaching in mind? I realize I could just post a thread but a category of it's own would make things easier to find things.

I'll get the ball rolling

Cartes Du' Ciel :  Sky charts program for astronomy, find objects in the night sky print star charts, make animations of planets, phases of moon, track planets over time, look at skies any time past or future + - 20 000 years.  Find next comet times, eclipses etc. 

Completely Free  newbielink: [nonactive]

Registax:  Free image processing software that can be used with web cameras in astronomy - you can knock the lens off a web camera and use it for recording images in your telescope, even a cheap $100 telescope will give great pictures of moon.  this software stacks multiple frames together and clarifies the image reducing atmospheric distortions and effectively gives you a longer exposure. 

completely free also  newbielink: [nonactive]

Audacity:  sound recording, conversion, editing software.  I use it extensively in class as a sound recorder, but in science it's great to show different sound waves, you can speed up slow down sounds pitch changes and much more.  really very good.

completely free also  newbielink: [nonactive]

Blender:  3d animation software which incorporates adjustable physics.  Only if you are okay with computers, it's complicated at first but very powerful.  My yr8's use it to create animated models of the solar system etc. you can fly the camera through around where ever.  Excellent.  Video tutorials on their site.

open source:    newbielink: [nonactive]

Hot Potatoes:  This is a self marking quiz, crossword, word find multiple choice generator.  I use it for making self marking homework which I link to podcasts, web sites etc.  You can incorporate video, sound, text, pictures anything and because it creates the files as HTML (web page files- you don't have to be on the web but you can upload them if you want) there are no compatibility problems. The creator requires you be prepared to upload quizes made to his site for sharing as part of the licencing agreement but otherwise free.  You can purchase a license which is unlimited if you don't want to do this.  This is excellent.

Free for educators, some limitations see above: 

newbielink: [nonactive]

All the best guys, I'd encourage every other science teacher out there to share alike.