Dark Matter and string theory

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Dark Matter and string theory
« on: 15/02/2008 03:35:06 »
Brian Greene has suggested that the relative weakness of gravity can be attributed to the fact that gravity leaks into the other "branes" which can be considered parallel universes right next to our own.

It seems logical, then, that matter in the other universes also leaks into this one, causing gravitational effects that would appear to come from "nowhere".    What is the general consensus among string theorists with regards to dark matter?   Has anyone considered its gravity to be that of extra-braneal mass leaking their gravity into our 4D local brane?


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Dark Matter and string theory
« Reply #1 on: 15/02/2008 15:42:33 »
Yes it has been suggested as one of the causes of dark matter effects but it does seem to be very blurred and not as precise as effects would be in our universe but that's how it might be if there were a lot if similar but slightly different universes contributing to the background.
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