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« on: 03/03/2008 08:50:19 »
Sad, but ironic.

A grandmother has pleaded guilty to failing to control her 13-stone bull mastiff after it savaged a sausage dog on a TV show that helps owners to train their unruly dogs.

You can run, but your money can't hide.

THE chancellor [of the UK] is to step up hostilities against Britainís super-rich by pressing for sanctions against Monaco, the Mediterranean tax haven.

For lazy gamers.

A headset which reads electrical impulses in the brain will allow gamers to interact with virtual worlds merely by 'thinking and feeling'.

The Epoc headset - which is due to go on sale later this year - works by reading a player's facial expressions as well as basic thoughts, such as 'lift' or 'drop', and transferring them to their character in the game.

(all of the above from
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