scalp transplants

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scalp transplants
« on: 23/03/2008 22:13:49 »
I this sense I mean having a donor persons healthy head of hair and scalp transplanted to your own head.

There have been several successful face transplants carried out recently so I am presuming that it would be possible to do.
I'm sure there would be many willing to pay to undertake such an operation.

Do you think it will ever happen and/or become acceptable to donate or use someone else's head of hair?

By donate I mean after death.. [;)]


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scalp transplants
« Reply #1 on: 23/03/2008 22:27:58 »
Hi madmadman,

unfortunately, even a 'simple' scalp transplant from a HLA compatible donor would force the recipient to a lifelong immunosuppressive treatment to avoid graft rejection.
Together with all the well known side effects (infections, EBV-lymphomas, etc.).

Baldness is much much better, believe me.


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