Do fat people cause more global warming and food shortage than thin people?

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i quote a short passage.

"Obese people are contributing to the world food crisis and climate change, experts say.

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine calculated the obese consume 18% more calories than average.

They are also responsible for using more fuel, which has an environmental impact and drives up food prices as transport and agriculture both use oil.

The result is that the poor struggle to afford food and greenhouse gas emissions rise, the Lancet reported.

It comes as the World Health Organization predicts the obese population will double by 2015 to 700m".


This is a very disturbing fact.18% is a huge figure.

I mean nearly a fifth of the world's food being devoured by fat people.

Powerful Americans corporations are forcing this mega eating habit on every one,using a combination of powerful advertising and political leverage to allow their dangerous food outlets take over the world's food supply in every country including the Chinese who have reported rapidly rising obesity rates as Chinese people abandon rice for Big Macs.

I hear the UK is also reporting rapidly rising obesity rates almost comparable to this.

Furthermore the rapidly increasing rate of obesity will mean even more food being consumed by a minority of people.

I suggest that pairing a fat person with a starving person in the third world might solve both problems.
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It has to have some effect. Just like with everything else not that much of it don't hurt, but once we get whole nations over weight then it does add up. That's true. I'm glad I'm a fit skinny kid. Ha


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"Powerful Americans corporations are forcing this mega eating habit on every one"
Not on me.
OTOH, why don't fat people have to pay more on planes? If I (at just under 70Kg) take more luggage than the limit I get charged for it but plenty of people on the plane weigh more than me and my luggage combined.
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It's just another way to try to get people to be skinny. I'm sick to the back teeth of it.

I remember when obese meant seriously overweight. These days if you're even just a tad above average weight, you're obese.
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