Are The Oceans Getting More Or Less Salty ?

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Are The Oceans Getting More Or Less Salty ?
« on: 12/06/2008 21:18:07 »
Dear Peeps,

As ewe may or may not know...I recently had my ocean delivered..

here it is lapping at the edge of my sons sand play area:


I'd like to know if the oceans are getting saltier or not ?

Were/was the early ocean/s far far less salty ?

I don't ewe ?


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Are The Oceans Getting More Or Less Salty ?
« Reply #1 on: 12/06/2008 22:55:11 »
At first glance it would make sense that the oceans are getting saltier over time- as continued erosion from the continents adds more salt.  However, isotope studies suggest that   ancient oceans (Archean) were much warmer and saltier than today's oceans.  Present day salinity is around 35 ppm- Archean oceans may have been twice as salty.  Salinity was controlled by several factors- temperature, configuration of the continents, circulation, glaciation, evaporation, depth, etc.  Evaporite salt deposits can be found throughout geologic time, but are much more common during certain epochs- suggesting that salinity of the oceans has varied over time.

Course, that old salt JimBob, crusty as he is, can surely add more info.
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