What will happen when the nearby star Anteres goes supernova?

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I recently read that the star Anteres, 600 light years away, is expected to blow up as a supernova in the "near" future.  Isn't that kind of close for a supernova, and what might that look like from Earth assuming that "near" is nearer than we suppose?

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Antares is on its last legs. It is "waiting for God", so to speak. It could go supernova at any time - months, years, decades. In fact, it may have gone supernova at any time during the last 600 years and we wouldn't know about it yet due to the time light takes to reach us from there.

If (when) it happens, it will be the brightest object in the sky after the sun & moon.

According to this theory previous supernovae may have had serious implications for the Earth.
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What will happen when the nearby star Anteres goes supernova?
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well we dont have much time to see the progress of our galaxy or any change in the cosmos. So its not at all fascinating for me to worry about the supernovas.
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