Is it true that our Tastebuds die and regenerate every ten days?

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I am a lover of Rasberry Snapple Tea if you can call it tea.. LOL

All of you Snapple drinkers Have no doubt seen the caps that contain true snapple facts...??

 Well, I want to know if this is a true fact?

 I assume so and on that assumption, I would like to know if, "Taste buds have a life expectancy of ten days."

Does that mean they can last approximately that long or they can but can also die sooner?

Are the buds shed and replaced with new ones like perhaps stem cells that reproduce themselves after so many days or what?

Does all the different flavors and tastes wear out the tastebuds or desensitize them or make them less able to taste after so many days?

Is this the bodies natural way of working , or do we damage them and this is your bodys way to have that sense survive...

Why does this happen and how?
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"Is it true that our Tastebuds die and regenerate every ten days?"



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Gosh!..taste buds have a life span !

Whys that then ?
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