How long should you stay OUT of the Sun to avoid sunburn?

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Living in the heat of Northern California I often hear that you can stay out in the sun for "x" minutes before you start to burn without sunscreen. What I have never heard however is how long you have to be out of the sun before you can safely go outdoors again for another "x" minutes. Is that "x" minutes a day, an hour, or how long?

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How long should you stay OUT of the Sun to avoid sunburn?
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They probabaly mean x minutes a day but the real answer to the question as writtent is "About 70 years".
Of course if you spent x mins out there yesterday you might have something of a tan that will offer some protection so you could stay out a bit longer than x mins. (Or, in my case, you are probably pink and should remember to ignore advice offered to "normal" people on this matter)
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