Why do I think in a British accent after listening to the Naked Scientists?

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Katy Giorgio

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Katy Giorgio  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Chris!

I think the show is great! I've found myself thinking in a British accent after listening to your show. What's up with that?!

Meanwhile, I've got a joke that I think you and other listeners might really love!

Did you hear the one about the two atoms? They were walking down the street together one day when one of them tripped and fell. The atom bounced back up and started yelling, "EVERYONE STOP! EVERYONE STOP! I've lost an electron!!!!!!"
The other atom replied, "Dude, are you sure you lost an electron? Are you absolutely sure??"
The first atom replied, "Yeah!!! I'm positive!!"
yuk yuk yuk

Katy from Boston, Massachusetts. USA

What do you think?


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Which British accent?
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LOL....great joke Katy !

I think....in your heart of hearts....just like everybody else here....you really just want to be British !!
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All brilliant scientists speak with a British accent  [:)] , even the American ones...