Quantum events seen in the lab

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Quantum events seen in the lab
« on: 14/07/2008 16:20:35 »
From scienceagogo.com

The realm of quantum mechanics met the world of classical physics when an antenna-like sliver of silicon one-tenth the width of a human hair oscillated in a Boston University lab. With two sets of protrusions, much like the teeth from a two-sided comb, the antenna not only exhibits the first quantum nanomechanical motion but is also the world's fastest moving nanostructure. Comprised of 50 billion atoms, the antenna built is so far the largest structure to display quantum mechanical movements. The device is also the fastest of its kind, oscillating at 1.49 gigahertz, or 1.49 billion times a second. The quantum effect is evident when the nanomechanical oscillator starts to jump between two discrete positions without occupying the physical space in between.

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Quantum events seen in the lab
« Reply #1 on: 15/07/2008 16:17:47 »
that is the same 'phenomena'  that causes phospholipid bilayers to maintain integrity.

IN that no peptide bond are maintained between the lipids but that resonant energy hamonizes between the structures in a collective spherical structure.

as for the exchange for a device; couple this article and them look into Polaritonics; the new computing in which a structure can maintain a 'memory' of an 'f' and return that same value to a signal.

there is a whole paradigm about to change in which energy will be viewed as the 'f' upon mass (light) rather than the potential difference or clearly 'walking the planck' is to be found... incorrect.


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Quantum events seen in the lab
« Reply #2 on: 15/07/2008 20:49:32 »
Interesting - ta for posting that
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