how can i lose weight?

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how can i lose weight?
« on: 16/07/2008 12:45:30 »
"I took Acomplia about 2 weeks ago

and thought on the entire situation before I decided to comment and concluded that this wasn't

for me. I have always managed to carry that extra 20 pounds or so around even though my

doctor says that he just doesn't get why. I eat healthy and I do cardio 4/5 times a week and

weights/yoga 3/4 times a week. I was hoping that maybe this would aid giving me through that

extra step.

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how can i lose weight?
« Reply #1 on: 16/07/2008 12:53:12 »
Hi Erika,

Has it helped ?...I'm assumming your posting here means it has not !

I have managed to lose 2.75 stone (38lbs) in just over two months  by using nothing but sheer hard work, determination and willpower !..Admittedly I think I have lost the weight too quickly and am now at that stage where it's coming off very slowly.

Attitude is EVERYTHING here......

I exercise six days a week and have not been starving myself.....I've just cut out dairy foods and eaten more fish and veg/fruit.

YOU can do don't need silly pills that rely on a sales ploy !...because the fact of the matter is.......all you really need is willpower !!....that's it !!
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how can i lose weight?
« Reply #2 on: 17/07/2008 08:44:54 »
Sounds like you're already doing a fair bit of exercise, how long do you do cardio for each session?

The most basic way to lose weight is to bring it all back to its most simplistic: Energy out must be greater than energy in. If you get this right, then it will be physically impossible for you not to lose weight. Try eating a little bit less, exercising a little bit more until you tip the balance.