Make me your science puppet!

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Make me your science puppet!
« on: 29/12/2004 18:08:20 »
Good afternoon, my learned friends.

I have come to you for guidance.  I am fellow searcher after truth cast adrift on a turbulent sea of possibilities.  And now I'm going to stop talking like that.

Here's the deal - I dropped out of Uni in my final year.  Now I want to go back and finish, and they're happy to let me, but I have to do a dissertation (or most of one at least) before I go back in October.

So, can anyone suggest some good dissertation projects that would not require much academic guidance, equipment or money - I won't actualy be a student while I'm doing this but I can use the university library in my home town (although I can't borrow anything and would struggle to get inter-library loans and whatnot).

Oh, my degree is in Environmental Science by the way, so evironmental chemistry or physics, geology, pollution science, environmental management, hydrology ad planetology are all fair game.  Plus, I'm sure, many others I've missed out.
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Re: Make me your science puppet!
« Reply #1 on: 03/01/2005 21:01:57 »
i assume you have to show a level of original research in your project? I also assume that you won't have lab access. so how about a project based on the kind of environmental stats that you should be able to find on the internet, in research papers, or published elsewhere.

for example maybe the effect of various environmental agreements on the national levels of pollutant production between different countries? I don't know much about env sci really, but there must be millions of topics to choose from.

also perhaps you can find a friend at a university with an env sci dept to download papers for you too? why not browse through the nature and newscientist websites or recent journals to find ideas. you'll need to find something that gets your interest to keep going with it. have fun!