Carcinosinum and Cuprum metallicum

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Carcinosinum and Cuprum metallicum
« on: 29/07/2008 22:56:25 »
I came across these homeopathic remedies, one of which containing cancer tumors.  Finding information on these remedies is difficult and limited.  I cannot seem to find recent information on their use and/or successful use for certain conditions.  Can anyone share more insight?  Thank you.


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Carcinosinum and Cuprum metallicum
« Reply #1 on: 30/07/2008 19:43:43 »
The whole tennet of homeopathy is unscientific. Many of the so called remedies are so dilute as to have not a single molecule of the original product in them. The homeopathic practicioners also maintain that diluting a "remedy" makes it stronger; leading to the joke about the homeopath who forgot to take his medicine and died of an overdose.

This might lead you to wonder how the idea ever caught on. Well, when it was first dreamed up (the late 1700s) it was in competition with rather basic "conventional" medicine. That involved such "helpful" procedures as purging and blood letting etc (based on the Greeks' ideas of the 4 vital humours). Since that was not just rubbish, but dangerous, the homeopathic "cures" worked quite well by being merely rubbish. While they were no use at all, at least they didn't do any harm and (as even a modern doctor will tell you if they are honest) most diseases will "cure themselves" in time. (of course it's things like the body's immune response that actually cures the disease).
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