Forwarding Religious, Political and other emails to members

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Hello All,

As the result of reported "abuse" by a forum member, I think it necessary to point out the 9th section of the Forum Acceptable Use Policy, reproduced below and found in it's entirety in the "sticky," above.

Emails on topics that are about political, religious, or social concerns, and other emails that are forwarded to other members, should be done ONLY with the utmost care and with the explicit knowledge that the recipient shares your views. As a guideline, we suggest that such emails should not be shared among members unless personal discussions have assured you the recipient holds the same position as the sender. Otherwise, please do not impose your views on another. If there is the slightest doubt, don't forward.

Thank you for keeping this Forum a friendly place to hang out.


9. Do not abuse Personal Messaging or other private means of communications with forum users.
Personal communications facilitated by the forum may not be used for commercial or other advertising, or for the transmission of material likely to be offensive to the recipient.

Personal communication facilitated by the forum should not be used to contact large numbers of forum users with unsolicited communications of any kind.

Where a forum user wishes to send an unsolicited personal communication to another forum user, they should do so with the utmost politeness, and aware of the possible sensitivities of the recipient.  If the recipient does not wish to engage in further contact by way of personal communication, this should be respected, and to do otherwise will be interpreted as harassment.

There may be circumstances where the forum moderators or the forum owners may have need to act contrary to the above prohibitions.  This is permitted so long as it is action taken in the  interests of the forum or its owners.
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