Understanding Life

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Understanding Life
« on: 01/08/2008 16:43:28 »
read about this kid who could not find the answers; 

OK so let's help

At some point, several questions about life began to arise in my mind. I'm sure these questions arise in the minds of most people at some time or other:

What is the meaning and purpose of life?

Why is man faced with the predicament to choose between good and evil?

Why do people die?

What happens after death?

My parents did not have the answers to these questions.


easy stuff

take it from the lions mouth

What is the meaning and purpose of life?

To continue.     Meaning all life does have a purpose and the laws of physics cannot represent this because the sciences have the wrong math but with any common sense, we can all see; 'life is purposed to continue'

that is why life, reproduces, why is moves in its environment (unlike a rock) to feed, as well life was born from nature (garden of eden). 

Why is man faced with the predicament to choose between good and evil?

as in the garden man was still instinctive as with all of nature

The instinct of life is natural but we as conscious, have choice.  Which we can observe the natural and act according to either self, or of Good.   ie...to do 'good' is to support life to continue and in contrast 'bad' is the choice of self, causing a 'loss to the common'

good:  supports life

bad:  loss to the common

pure rules to all mankind

Why do people die?

death is when the mind has no choice.  Meaning; when you sleep there is not much difference then death; as your mind is not making determinations to each experience.

So to live in the minds of most is to have conscious cognition but that is not so, as when you sleep, your body is still moving forward in time, although you have no idea but simply confident you will awaken to have another day of choice

Reality is, if in that daytime, you contributed your energy to plant a tree, likewise when you sleep, that tree (life) is still moving forward in time, based on 'your' contribution to support life-to continue.  By choice you can plant that tree in good soil, set up a 'good' watering system and well feed it the nutrients to sustain life which will be 'your' creation as when you die, it will still be moving forward in time (alive)

What happens after death?

you live in what you did.

to contribute a single cell to combine with another; you have your lineage and lterally a portion of your life and your whole family line combining to make a new shade (a child)...

to teach a young child 'good' pure knowledge, then when that child thinks and observes life, they are doing so with the knowledge and contribution you gave them

to plant that tree; then again when it is 100 feet tall, shading your children and becoming nests for the birds, that whole universe of life is because of your contribution and will out live the bodies we are born into.

in each case, the energy contributed by you is the life that lives beyond the grave

memories are not a part of a spirit.   Meaning alzheimers shares that memories are affixed to the bodie we are born with, and not that a spirit is upon our bodies with memories of things

or try another idea;

since we know you and all of us are born from the single celled life of and egg/sperm combination (basically microscopic in the liquid).... but that life absorbs from the environment (within the womb) and the steps of evolution can be seen in the embryo development  ie.... see a film on the embryo and find the baby develops a tail but when born, that tail is reabsorbed before the birth

point being, not only is evolution true, but all them lives that contributed to the evolution of each of us, whether it be the fish or the monkey, all them contributions are recorded and alive within the genetic tree and dna of each person

and never was there a break in that line, or you would not be here

as well since all them contributions are within our very structure; then when you look into the mirror and see all them variations from your friends, like the color of skin, the type of eyes, the hair and even smile

remember, all that comes from our previous generations who had a 'purpose to continue' and reproduced for you to even be here

which also reveals the comprehension of one of the most pure revelations in all of the world;

such that if all them generations are in fact represented within you, alive and moving forward in time; then when you look in the mirror recognize all you fathers are in fact

"alive and in the flesh"    as you stand

so then:

knowledge is what

'raises the fathers to the flesh"

so now go back and ask yourself...........

is it real or is it not?

that is how you will know the revelation