Why Does Crabstick The Crab Walk Sideways ?

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Why Does Crabstick The Crab Walk Sideways ?
« on: 28/08/2008 03:02:50 »
Wocha peeps !

How ya doing ?..I'm Ok...tired !...but then it's nearly 3am as I post this 

I'm not as tired as Crabstick here though !


He's tired because he's just completed an expedition up the north face of Mount Kilimanjaro and for some reason, nature dealt him a rather cruel ambulatory blow !

Ewe see , Crabstick walks sideways !

He's so shattered, he asked me to ask this of ewe lot....why ?..why does Crabstick walk sideways ?

I don't know, he don't know and he's a crab !!...

do ewe know ?...will ewe tell us ?.........gee whizz...that's swell !!..thanks !

.......and he's so peeved because he left his comb up there at the summit so he has to go up again to fetch it !!...poor poor Crabstick !

Crab Kerb Crawler

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Why Does Crabstick The Crab Walk Sideways ?
« Reply #1 on: 28/08/2008 08:32:25 »
When I was a young man sowing (or possibly sewing) my wild oats, I had cause to attend a certain clinic. "What's the difference between crabs & lobsters?" I asked of the nurse. "Crabs walk sideways." She replied.

I frantically ran out of the clinic pulling my hair out crying "Oh my God! I've caught the Lobsters!"

Sorry, couldn't resist that little frivolity.
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Why Does Crabstick The Crab Walk Sideways ?
« Reply #2 on: 28/08/2008 09:09:58 »
It's to do with the crab's hard exoskeleton combined with its laterally elongated shell which gives it a limited range of movement generally and its ten legs little lateral movement specifically.
It's the only way it can go but this has conferred some advantages on crabs because they can get into very tight crevices to escape predators.


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