Why Are Fruits The Shape They Are ? (same goes for veggies too I suppose )

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Dear Fruitologists,

As a sheepy, I am of course to be found early on a Saturday Morning in Portobello Road Market  selling my fruit and veg !.. My plums are always a strong favourite and the ladies can't wait for me to take them and and display them ! They just love my juicy plums !

Look, here's a selection of fruit that I sell !


Nice eh ?..I can deliver Tuesdays !

What I'd like to know is why are fruits the shape that they are ?..why not all round ?.why isn't' a banana round ?..and why does a pear have a top bit...(I luff the top bits of a juicy pear)..what about strawberries which are also pear-shape.  Avocados ?

What has dictated that they should be that shape ?...and who on Earth came up with the idea of Pineapples ?

..and what's the deal with the globular structure of summer fruits?


And what about this thing called a Kiwano ?


Fruitley Yours !

Fruit Fancier


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Goooooooolllly, Neil - I mean sheepy, why are you shaped as you are? And why do you use fake Prada shoes?

Fruits have a large amount of attractive fiber around them to make them much more enticing to animals that feed on them. That way, if the seeds are not chewed too heartily by the indulging animal, they pass though the gut, are deposited, with fertilizer, at another location and the fruiting plant species therefor propagates itself.

By the way, do you really wish to end your question "Fruitley Yours?" In the vernacular in the US it has connotations of "puff-iness."
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