Is my core body temperature lower than normal?

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Adri de Bruyne

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Is my core body temperature lower than normal?
« on: 12/09/2008 16:12:11 »
Adri de Bruyne asked the Naked Scientists:

Hello Nakedscienitsts :)

I have a theory that my body heat is lower than normal. I find that i'm always cold. Even in our warm weather i always take a jacket with me when i go out somewhere. I can't swim in a pool that is not heated, and if i want to swim in a normal cold pool, i have to sit in the sun for at least an hour to feel warm enough to take a dip. THEN i only stay in the water for 2 minutes until i freeze again. I don't sweat, unless i'm working out, and it takes a lot of exercise for just a bit of sweat.

Is my core temperature lower than normal? Is there something i can eat or do to get my general body temperature to be higher? This might not seem like a problem, but its so annoying! I hate being cold so much i dread taking a shower lol! I'm 1.7 meters tall and weigh 60kg, i also eat a normal diet if these factors play any role. This is supposed to be SUNNY south africa, and i'm not sunny! Any words of wisdom?

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Is my core body temperature lower than normal?
« Reply #1 on: 15/09/2008 18:34:29 »
Normal body temperature is usually 36.8 C 0.7 C, or 98.2 F 1.3 F, when the measurement is taken orally. you could track your body temps by buying an oral thermometer at the pharmacy.

I can think of several things that can contribute to your feeling cold a lot of the time. One is poor circulation. Women often have this problem in their extremities (hands and feet). Another is lack of body fat; less body fat would cause you to lose heat quickly since it works as insulation.

There is a medical condition known as Wilson's Syndrome in which your core body temperature is lower than normal, though many doctors question its authenticity. Here are a couple of links to pages with information on that subject, since it is extensive.'s_Thyroid_Syndrome

There are also a lot of other medical conditions which can cause low body core temperature. They are usually coupled with other symptoms, such as fatigue, etc. I would suggest consulting a doctor if you find that your temps are consistently low after self-monitoring with a thermometer.
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Is my core body temperature lower than normal?
« Reply #2 on: 15/09/2008 18:56:33 »
Tobacco has not been mentioned, it is a common cause of poor circulation.