Is There A Place On Earth Where There Are No Tides ?

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Dearest Tideologists,

Like my tide ?


Being delivered next Tuesday.

Tides are my all time favourite way that the moon moves the waters of the Earth  !

But, because of the angle there a place on Earth where there the sea/ocean develops no tides at all ?

whajafink ?


Hugs & shmishes

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Is There A Place On Earth Where There Are No Tides ?
« Reply #1 on: 08/10/2008 18:14:12 »
No, because the Earth's surface is always moving relative to the moon.  Hmm... starts wondering about tidal behaviour at the North Pole and what the tides in a circular sea at the South Pole would be like...

Actually, you don't need large bodies of water to witness tidal effects - I read about some oysters, or some other similar shelled creatures that were moved from the East coast of the U.S. to a lab more or less right in the middle of the U.S. and it turned out that after a short while the shelled beasties re-synchronised their feeding pattern to match what would have have been the tides at their new location, had their tank been big enough for them to be apparent.  This implied that they were aware of the moon's position directly and not just through the changing water conditions.
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Is There A Place On Earth Where There Are No Tides ?
« Reply #2 on: 08/10/2008 19:36:02 »
The Med' does have tides but at the far eastern end, I have heard, they are very small.


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Is There A Place On Earth Where There Are No Tides ?
« Reply #3 on: 08/10/2008 21:01:36 »
"Because the oscillation modes of the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea do not coincide with any significant astronomical forcing period, the largest tides are close to their narrow connections with the Atlantic Ocean. Extremely small tides also occur for the same reason in the Gulf of Mexico and Sea of Japan. On the southern coast of Australia, because the coast is mainly straight (partly because of the tiny quantities of runoff flowing from rivers), tidal ranges are equally small."

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