Economic Crisis and WWIII

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Economic Crisis and WWIII
« on: 13/10/2008 17:32:52 »
Economic Crisis and WWIII

I have often read statements that indicate that the Great Depression was ended as a result of WWII.  By going to war, it is said, we managed to cure the greatest economic crisis in American history.

It is said that today’s economic crisis might to be as bad as the Great Depression.  If such is the case perhaps we should take a lesson from the past.

Instead of turning our factories into vast production lines building planes, ships, tanks, and guns and declaring WWIII we might declare a make-believe WWIII and instead of sending these planes, ships, tanks, and guns to far off places where we can kill people and destroy property we could achieve the same effect by building our factories on ships and sending those ships to sea.

War is only our second best consumer of goods, our very best consumer of goods would be a factory mounted on a ship with the assembly line terminating at the ramp on the stern of the ship whereby the product can be easily dumped into the sea.

Such economic prosperity can only be imagined.


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Economic Crisis and WWIII
« Reply #1 on: 13/10/2008 19:01:59 »
That may have happened in the USA but the UK have only just paid off its war debt to the USA. Although the USA helped us win the war it was paid well for that help at the expense of the UK's economy.

The net result was the end of the war gave the USA an economic advantage over its war torn allies. After the war the USA gained tremendously from selling commodities to the war devastated countries. The technology/ideas/science that it took from Germany also gave the USA an advantage.

If the USA hadn't gone to war it still would have benefited from it as its economic base was intact and in production.