Is using Creatine Dangerous?

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Is using Creatine Dangerous?
« on: 25/11/2008 16:08:50 »
I see there have been a few discussions regarding creatine supplementation and its dangers, but the general census online seems to be that there are no "verified" dangers to using creatine.

I have used creatine as a college athlete for 4+ years and never had any serious problems.  I've noticed an abnormally increased heart rate while working out sometimes but it was never anything of serious concern and I was able to get my HR back down by taking a quick break.  However, two days ago after taking creatine my HR jumped to over 150 beats/minute while I was sitting on the couch watching TV.  I had to go to the emergency room and stayed for over 6 hours while having numerous tests done.

I know this could easily be written off as a freak occurrence or possibly due to some other unrecognized factors, but I talked to a few nurses and doctors in the ER who said they have seen a few similar cases.  A question to anybody who thinks they may be able to answer; do you think my situation and similar situations are caused by the creatine itself, or possibly the caffeine in the powder as well?  I'd like to see some discussion about the heart related dangers of creatine online as there really are none.

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