What is shade blindness (colour blindness)?

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Don Robertson

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What is shade blindness (colour blindness)?
« on: 14/01/2009 09:00:58 »
Don Robertson asked the Naked Scientists:
When I joined the Air Force, years ago, they told me I was shade blind.

That I had a problem with red and green when I had trouble reading the numbers on the colour vision test chart. Although I feel I can see colours well, including red and green, I still occasionally have trouble seeing certain shades.

Could you tell me why that is, and why i have trouble seeing only such a small portion of colours?

Thank you great show.


Don Robertson,
from Oregon

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What is shade blindness (colour blindness)?
« Reply #1 on: 26/01/2009 05:04:36 »
I don't know much about the physiology of this condition, but believe it is often hereditary.