Would it be legal?

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Would it be legal?
« on: 16/01/2009 21:23:50 »
I want to write a DVD to an SD card to watch on my Zen on-the-go. Would this be legal?


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Would it be legal?
« Reply #1 on: 16/01/2009 22:06:41 »
Depends on the country you're living in. In Germany it would be legal if the DVD is not copy protected. No idea about other countries.
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Would it be legal?
« Reply #2 on: 18/01/2009 17:25:11 »
I contacted your DVD suplier and he said it was fully legal.

1. You promise to not reverse engineer any of the code that might be included, or not be included, on a specific, or not specific, DVD, or similar medium, consisting of that approximate, size, feel and bearing unique grooves.

2. You guarantee it only will be shown to yourself, and then only in a darkened room under heavy blankets.

2a. If you fulfill the above specifications although forget to keep your eyes closed, all warrants will be considered as being off.

3. You can guarantee the safety of that named, or not named, SD-card with your life, or not life, as it might be at times.

3a. If found, or finding yourself dead, or near death, please report in immediately to your nearest DVD suplier.

4. You never marry anyone named Bluetongue Letterhead from Stigma five.

(that one stymied me too?)

5. And good luck.
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Would it be legal?
« Reply #3 on: 18/01/2009 21:19:42 »
What is a ZEN on the go? Is it some kind of speeded up Budism.
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