Fun with physics - more than making love - on 1600 free pages

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The new, twenty-second edition of the freely
downloadable physics textbook is available on 

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Over 1600 pages show that physics is more fun than making
love. They lead through the whole of physics, from
mechanics to thermodynamics, relativity, electrodynamics,
quantum theory, nuclear physics, astrophysics and
unification. The text promises to be fascinating and
challenging on every page.

The twenty-second edition now explains how it is possible
to plunge a bare hand into molten lead, includes a film of
an oscillating quartz inside a watch, explains how it is
possible to type a letter by controlling a computer
with thought alone, includes a film of a solar flare,
explains the fifteen ways that colours appear
in rocks plants and animals, explains the connection
between cats and gauge theory, adds more ways in which
the human eye invents colours that are not there, includes
a list of laser types and applications, includes many
images of crystals, explains how physics Plotinus
and christianity come together to show that the universe
and god are one and the same, adds the handcuff puzzle
and several other puzzles, explains how jet pilots
frighten civilians with sonic superbooms produced by
fighter planes, presents the most beautiful and precise
sundial available today, adds a simple photographic
proof that the Earth is larger than the Moon, improves
the presentation of elementary particle physics, adds
a photo of a red rainbow, gives the latest discoveries
on the Galileo trial, presents a fascinating mathematical
aspect of Ohm's law, states the hardest open math problem
that you can explain to your grandmother, adds photographs
of levitation, and much more.

Over 50 new illustrations and 100 new pages have been added.
More than 200 women and men have helped with suggestions and
material: thank you to all of them. A beautiful
French translation by Benoit Clenet of a large part
of the text is also available. Parts are available in
Italian and Spanish. Suggestions and errata
can be added at the Motion Mountain wiki.


       Christoph Schiller


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I downloaded some of it and it is very well done. I like the treatment of Quantum Theory and GR.


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Looking forward to read it:)
Impressive work.
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