What factors affect mushroom growth?

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Abner Aclan

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What factors affect mushroom growth?
« on: 19/02/2009 09:30:02 »
Abner Aclan  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hello Chris and the rest of the Naked Scientists,

I really love your podcasts.

I noticed that Mushrooms grow in seasons here in tropical Philippines. Does wet climate and lightning influence its growth?  I also wonder why they grow so fast overnight?  Last time I was looking at the mound, I saw no mushrooms but after waking up in the morning on a thunderous and rainy night, a lot of umbrella like mushrooms are all over the place.  Can we simulate the growth of wild mushrooms so I don't have to wait for another season? The wild mushrooms are tastier compared to my neighbor's cultured ones.

Thank you once again.

Abner Aclan
Lipa City, Philippines

What do you think?


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What factors affect mushroom growth?
« Reply #1 on: 19/02/2009 09:52:27 »
Mushrooms like cool, dark and damp conditions. Find the best growing medium for the species you want to cultivate, this could be sawdust, bark chip, straw or well rotted horse manure. Try to keep to a sterile growing medium. There is no reason why you couldn't use some of the ground they are growing in now mixed with some of the other mediums. Use a few of the mushrooms you have growing wild to set spores on your cultivated growing medium.

You will find a good full explanation on growing mushrooms here http://www.mycosource.com/homecult.htm you will need to adapt the methods described to suit your particular species and conditions.
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What factors affect mushroom growth?
« Reply #2 on: 22/02/2009 05:52:29 »
Thank you for the reply!!! I hope to grow more wild mushrooms in my backyard. I still wonder why the mushrooms grow so fast overnight!!!