Ultrasonic transducer

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Ultrasonic transducer
« on: 03/03/2009 15:33:09 »

Can anyone help me find a schematic on a simple ultrasonic transducer and generator? It should be used in a barrel with 40 liter of milled waste from fish. The ultrasound should accelerate the process. There are units on the market but they are very expensive. I think that the tricky part is the transducer. I am grateful for any kind of help.

Christer A.


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Ultrasonic transducer
« Reply #1 on: 03/03/2009 17:27:22 »
This company produce ultrasonic cleaning baths upto 90 litres (2.5K), don't know if they would perform your fishy task

If nothing else their specifcations list shows the power of ultrasonic transducer required.

[couldn't you just slowly rotate the barrel on motorised rollers/wheels to agitate the contents ?]
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