Ethic Essay Cheat

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Ethic Essay Cheat
« on: 05/03/2009 22:44:18 »
University Students Cheat On Ethic Essay

A group of engineering students at Carleton University cheated
by plagiarizing an essay that was on ethics.  Donald Russell,
who is the associate dean at Carleton University in Ottawa
stated that their were 31 students who were caught plagiarizing
essays that were taken from the Internet.  He stated that,
"We're disappointed this has happened in the course on ethics,"
and also said that these students could be suspended or
expelled.  In one of the cases the plagiarising was so bad that
only four words were changed in the whole essay that was taken
off the Internet.

well this little bit of plagiarising can only prove the point  [:)]


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Ethic Essay Cheat
« Reply #1 on: 06/03/2009 00:55:33 »
How sad is that? goodness.

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Ethic Essay Cheat
« Reply #2 on: 06/03/2009 01:29:00 »
They deserve what punishment they receive.

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Never will we forget


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Ethic Essay Cheat
« Reply #3 on: 08/03/2009 10:08:55 »
A couple of the students I was teaching were caught plagiarising. Our rules were formal warning first time, kicked out if it happened again.
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