Why Did My 2nd earring Fail ?

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Why Did My 2nd earring Fail ?
« on: 13/03/2009 13:47:09 »
Dearest Earologists,

As a sheepy I am of course ' the body beautiful' ..I ususally supplement this with little adornments.

About six months I had a second earring placed next to this one !


I still think it looks like a rabbit !

I followed the after care procedures to the letter......After 8 weeks I took the earring out and couldn't help but notice a bump/lump inside the ear where the sharpy thing (word escapes me at the moment) went through. I figured it was just still healing. This particular earring has always ached a little..so last night I took it out again and found the lump/bump is till there. There has also been ' weeping ' there too !

So, I figured I would give my ear a rest and leave the earring out...........and today the hole has healed over and the bump/lump is reduced somewhat. I'm happy to return to one earring.

So, what is this bump/lump thing ?..it is reducing...Did the earologist puncture something that meant this was always going to be an unsuccessful earring implant ?

Hugs et les shmisheys

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Why Did My 2nd earring Fail ?
« Reply #1 on: 14/03/2009 07:22:04 »
 I have always  went to alcoho and turning several ime a day when I got a lump... if it was weepingike yours did I would sqeeze Neosporin on the earring post and add the neosporin (antibiotic cream) to my ear lobe holes and rub it into the hole a bit then reinsert the earrig right away so it would not close up..... I have had to push my post back through a semi losed hole and it was not pleasant but was doable..

Sounds Like a tad of an infection set in... I have had to squeeze out a pus core and reinsert earring..... but mine are now rs years in...and Fianally this last year..I switched to more expensive posts.. some metals bothered my ears....... Silver is good.. some golds cause my ear to get that way...

Sorry your earring didn't work....

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