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« on: 06/07/2005 23:30:44 »
i came from a tropical country (in asia)and its normal that storms there last a couple of days, why is it in america storms last only a few hours?


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Re: storms
« Reply #1 on: 07/07/2005 03:18:18 »
Weather and climate... this can get complicated. However, I can always give the easy answer. Tropical latitudes tend to have two seasons, monsoon and dry. During monsoon, storms run in a continuous cycle, and it can rain for days. In temperate latitudes, the storms have been scattered by the earth's rotational force, and start to move quickly, towards the poles. They do not usually linger, although it is not unusual to have some 3 day rainstorms. Look at the records of hurricane tracks, and you can see how fast they move once they are out of the tropics.

This is not a comprehensive answer, however. "Why" monsoons form in the tropics is a big subject in Climatology. You should research this some more.
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