Is vitamin C helpful in the treatment of intestinal symptoms?

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JamSandwich  asked the Naked Scientists:
Last year I visited ["a certain supermarket"] in Stoke on Trent and thought I'd go for a half-price fresh prepared salad i.e. on its best-before date. That idea cost me a week of good health.

I had diarrhoea like Mount Vesuvius. It was as sneaky as the SAS. I would be in a mild state of reasonable intestinal activity for up to a half-hour and then in a matter of two minutes it ambushed me from nowhere and I was glued to the bog seat whilst my stomach was seemingly playing a timpani solo from a Wagner opera.
Today, I had a repeat bout of lax intestinal control, but then I had a flash of scientific insight - had I had any decent Vitamin C containing food in the last day? If I hadn't, then I would have no reserves to fight off bacteria.

Hey presto, I had some Vitamin C food and I feel better and no diarrhoea in ten minutes. So how many people are wasting doctor's time because they eat such a bad diet that it's no wonder they end up ill i.e. if I can cure diarrhoea with decent food and not pills - can't that be applied to many other ailments?

What do you think?


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Is vitamin C helpful in the treatment of intestinal symptoms?
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