On motivating an unhelpful bureaucracy

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On motivating an unhelpful bureaucracy
« on: 14/05/2009 15:48:24 »
I have noted an unfortunate degree of slackness and nonchalance on the part of my health provider when it comes to delivering services for stroke rehabilitation.

After a period of sniveling and sulking I got on the web and dug up their "practice guidelines" for stroke rehabilitation. Then I sent them a letter politely enquiring as to why they were ignoring their own guidelines and telling me to, "go join a gym" when my physical medicine specialist feels that I have unmet rehab potential.

I sent a copy of the letter to the Joint Commission on Accreditation just to make sure I had their attention.

I pass this along in the hopes it may be of help to others dependent on the good will of hospital administrators. You are paying for the care (either in taxes or insurance premiums) and  you deserve to get honest weight for your purchase. Check your practice guidelines just like you would check your grocery receipt.


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On motivating an unhelpful bureaucracy
« Reply #1 on: 20/06/2009 07:35:34 »
Do you live in a region having socialized medicine?