What causes boils and how to prevent them?

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What causes boils and how to prevent them?
« on: 06/06/2009 23:30:04 »
Dave White asked the Naked Scientists:

I have been suffering with boils for the past year and half. I have been on antibiotics 16 times (Megapen 500). This clears boils up but is not getting rid of them. I've been for staph testing, which came back negative, I've done the whole nasal washing with hibi scrub. Nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions?

What do you think?


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What causes boils and how to prevent them?
« Reply #1 on: 07/06/2009 01:50:19 »
My personal experience is that boils arise from drinking too much carbonated drinks (everyone calls them something different so I'll be specific so as to not add confusion) One main brand is the main culprit which leads me to think that it the syrup (or maybe the sugar content)

Anyway if I steer away from this particular drink.. all is fine.. if I have a can it's boil time..

not very specific but it might be a starting place.. can you narrow it down to something you have consumed lately?

Of course, ingrown hairs and blocked pores etc also can cause boils.. so it might be experiment time.