I Automaticly Recognize and Like Women, My Cat Did Too, How So?

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My little cat and ones before him could recognize and identify other cats for territory and appeal to him... I see and like pretty women, is this innate or learned, part of the mind, a part of the brain? Can anything go wrong there?

How does this species and gender recognition work?



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greetings Bren,

Nature has a clever way of filling  us all up with natural predispositions and it's just a fact that ( for the majority of us) attraction to the opposite sex is not only one of pleasure but more fundamentally, is prerequisite to perpetuate the species.

I would side that it is innate though you'd be surprised how the opposite can be learned too.

I can't imagine anything going wrong on a global scale else it would be the end of human life unless a new way of procreation was discovered.

How does species and gender recognition work ?..well...appearance helps !!...we have visual, auditory and even olfactory clues too.........but I think.......visual recognition is pretty much right up there !!

Now I am sure a science peep will come and give a more detailed answer.
Men are the same as women, just inside out !


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