Did I see 'ball lightning'?

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John Waddicor

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Did I see 'ball lightning'?
« on: 21/06/2009 15:30:03 »
John Waddicor asked the Naked Scientists:
In 1962 I saw a ball of energy bouncing along the top of some trees.

It left a vapour trail which faded. Similar to a dot on a cathode ray tube. The ball was just a bit bigger than a football. This occurred in a tropical storm with very heavey rain and lightning. ( Of course I was accused of being crazy then but I saw a programme on TV which talked about just this type of thing).

I would like to know more about these "balls of fire" now they have credence.

What do you think?


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Did I see 'ball lightning'?
« Reply #1 on: 22/06/2009 01:06:33 »
What you saw fits in very well with a lot of other reports of ball-lightning.  However, ball-lighting seems to have quite a wide range of characteristics.  For example, the ball-lightning that you saw seems to have just faded away, whereas in some well documented incidents it has ended by exploding and actually killing people and/or causing damage.

The wiki article gives a pretty good summary of the current state of thinking (i.e. we still don't know what it is) on ball-lightning and mentions some of the better documented cases (I've seen a photo of the hole left in the remains of the window in the 1994 Uppsala, Sweden incident, and very intriguing it is too)

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Did I see 'ball lightning'?
« Reply #2 on: 27/06/2009 02:01:31 »
Cool. I did not think there was actually anything to it.
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