crime does pay

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crime does pay
« on: 02/08/2005 11:37:31 »
the old adage goes crime dosent pay meaning of course not thet there isnt any money in it there clearly is a ****load but that the penalty of jail always comes to those that break the law and this punishment and the stigma attached afterwards far outweighs any monetery benefits this is of course crap if it wasent no one would reoffend which of course they do and go back to jail.

Or do they? its been well known for some time that prison is a giant training school for crime with plenty of expertise and the kind of one on one tutoring that school children can only dream of so that when criminals come out they are better able to commit crimes and get away with it even though they are now known to the police. They rest of us however can now learn the same tricks as the criminals from the internet i can use the jolly rogers cookbook to make bombs and electronic devices to defraud anyone with handy step by step instructions and using the handy info on
i made my own tools and sucessfully picked padlocks doorlocks in under a day and have broken into a house(on request of the owner who asked me to get in and check the iron was off when awayon holiday).

isuppose i want to ask three questions really

1 does this proliferation of potentially dangerous information improve or degrade our society does being more aware of how easy these skills are encourage crime or make people more  aware of the dangers and hence more careful. Does it make any difference at all?.

2 are there any suggestions on better ways to rehabilatate criminals thats would make them want to be a productive member of society.

3 what criminal skills have you chanced across on the internet and how easy are the to learn?

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Re: crime does pay
« Reply #1 on: 02/08/2005 16:00:27 »
Knowledge is the essence of our culture. Take it away, and you have no culture.

We crank out  many more anti-social elements than before, mostly because we've dumped them in front of a TV for about 15 years and were too busy with our work.

Now you can decide whether the delinquent kid with the self-made super-tazergun is more dangerous than his moron friend with the clawhammer.

Pass legislation to forbid the possibility of anyone building such a tazergun in future, and rejoice to see both reduced to clawhammers next time.

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Re: crime does pay
« Reply #2 on: 06/02/2006 22:44:39 »
it wont matter how many white papers,green papers,or sky blue pink with orange polka dots on papers get put through parliament,as you have said,the information is now readily available for all who wish to use it,its a crying shame that its in our nature to steal,be it money from a bank at gun point,or one of your mates toffees when his back is turned,we all do it in some form or another.
its our basic instincts that have to change,or is that mission impossible.
its the drugs,y-know.